Where will Mobility Management take you today?

The H2H2H Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting the delivery of quality, mobility management services by governmental entities, institutions, for-profit businesses and other community stakeholders. “H2,” as we often abbreviate it, is here to provide a world-class, information-sharing platform for hands-on professionals working in Mobility Management (MM).

What is Mobility Management? The European Platform on Mobility Management defines it this way: “Mobility Management is a concept to promote sustainable transport and manage the demand for car use by changing travellers’ attitudes and behaviour. At the core of Mobility Management are “soft” measures like information and communication, organising services and coordinating activities of different partners.”

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H2 offers news, research, and opinion on a variety of transportation management-related topics in both English and Spanish. Our mission is to promote excellence in the administration of parking facilities, transportation demand networks and automated traffic control operations. H2 advocates for sustainable transportation management and quality customer service. Where organizations desire to elevate their operations to world-class levels but lack the necessary resources, we support responsible, vetted privatization.

H2 offers discussions, ideas and answers but also practical “how-to” resources, model policies, step-by-step procedures and management best practices. We invite you to join us on our journey to mobility sustainability by becoming a part of our community as an honored guest, a valued supporter or a distinguished sponsor! You can learn more about sponsorship here and about our sponsors and partners here.

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