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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Pico y Placa

Pico y Placa, or “PyP,” as it is sometimes called across Latin America, is a license plate-based system that restricts vehicles from driving in a restricted area during peak traffic times. The programs typically associate the last number in the plate with a particular day, days or hours when that number is restricted. Other programs limit vehicles by the color of the license plate or bumper stickers issued in the vehicle registration process. Violators are subject to citation and fines ranging up to the equivalent of one month's average salary within the jurisdiction.Continue reading

Controlling Credentials: Step 1

As Mobility Management continues its progress toward a ticketless operating environment, controlling automatic access to mobility management services becomes ever more important. This is because an inappropriately-issued ticket costs the operation one transaction; a bad credential hurts the operation over and over. In this series, we will review the proper steps in controlling the credential lifespan from creation to termination.Continue reading

Defending Your Data, Part 3: Data Backups

Mobility management professionals are well advised to defend their data through surge suppression, UPS, and data backups. Data backups of financial and transaction records seem to be something that is installed, but too often forgotten. In this information-dependent world we live in, a UPS that can't keep us working beyond a few minutes is not enough and data backup should be treated like gold.Continue reading

Driverless Cars: When Test Pilots Die

The Tesla Model S, pioneered by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, is not a driverless vehicle but features a first-to-market driverless technology labeled “Autopilot.” This feature allows the driver to temporarily relinquish full control of the car to . . . the car. Via its onboard sensor array and artificial intelligence analytics, the Model S can perform maneuvers that no other conventional car with “cruise control” can achieve.Continue reading

Defending Your Data, Part 2

While Surge Suppression is your first line of defense in a power outage, another essential weapon in your data protection arsenal is an Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS is a battery-based system that provides substitute power for a limited period of time, typically to low demand devices. UPS systems with surge suppression capabilities are relatively inexpensive and can meet both needs.Continue reading