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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Free Form Friday: Receipt for Company Property

The “Receipt for Company Property” form is ideal for use in the orientation process for a new employee. However, it can be used at any stage of the employee lifecycle. For example, prior to a special event, items can be issued to the employee, then reclaimed when the employee checks out at the conclusion of the event. The basic concept of the form is simple: “We (the company or organization) are entrusting to your care the following items which we value and either want returned to us upon demand or accounted for by you upon request.”Continue reading

Guadalajara Adding Speed Cameras

Director of Road Safety for the Secretary of Mobility (SEMOV, in Spanish Secretaría de Movilidad), Francisco Javier Poe Morales, announced the expansion. “Our statistics show where there are higher speeds on our roadways, there are more accidents and as a result more injuries and deaths. We believe 99% of these are caused by speeding, which these new cameras aim to control.”Continue reading

Virginia Tech Shootings 10 Years After: In Memoriam, Jarrett Lee Lane, Virginia Tech Office of Transportation / Parking Services

Indeed, on the morning of April 16, 2007, Jarrett hurried to his advanced hydrology class to turn in his last major paper of the semester. Jarrett was the only undergraduate in the class. That classroom was the first entered by the gunman. “He never had a chance,” Mouras recalls wistfully.Continue reading