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A Conversation with Larry Cohen on Life – and Death – in Parking

(Image Credit: The Parking Professional Magazine , a publication of the International Parking Institute,

Larry Cohen, CAPP has been a parking industry leader for nearly three decades in a variety of roles and is now the Executive Director of the Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Parking Authority.

Recently, Larry has been in the news as an advocate for suicide prevention he has tabbed as “Saving Lives”, an initiative aimed at educating parking operators on the disturbing trend of suicides carried out in parking structures. He’s a member of the Pennsylvania Parking Association (PPA) and the International Parking Institute (IPI). We chatted with Larry and he shared the following with us:

* H2H2H: Larry, you’ve been a private operator and a consultant as well as administering medical, university and now municipal operations. How does managing a city operation vary from some of these other roles?

Larry Cohen: In Pennsylvania (United States), parking authorities function under a law that was written over 50 years ago establishing the legal foundation under which authorities may operate. An authority in Pennsylvania operates separately from a municipality, but is established under the legal auspices of that municipality. The law mandates that the mayor of a city appoints…Continue reading