H2 Leadership

All of the Founders, principals and officers of the H2H2H Foundation have past or present experience in the public and/or private sector working on the front lines in some form of transportation management in North, Central and South America. Our ranks include a former bus driver, an ex-“franalero” (parking flagman in Mexico City), a past valet manager, a one-time police dispatcher and an erstwhile tollbooth attendant. All of us started at the bottom and worked our way up.

Along the way, we paid attention to the details. And we all share a trait: We believe we learned best by employing a “hands-on” attitude toward our work.

We were all good team players but we often asked, “Why?” and, “Is there a better way?” Our careers progressed. We became, variously, corporate executives, management consultants, attorneys and government ministers. In the course of business, we met by chance and formed a friendship and bond that has led to formation of the H2H2H Foundation.

To this day, we firmly believe in quality assurance for service processes, having applied them repeatedly in our own careers. We recognized the need for improvements in public transportation service delivery and felt that service outcomes could be improved if quality assurance principles were applied.

The H2H2H Foundation and this website are the cumulative result of our leadership brainstorming on how to make that happen.

Meet the Key Executives

Ramón L. Mota-Velasco P.

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Governors
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Ramón is President and CEO of Ferrocarill Holdings, which invests in, develops, and manages tollways, passenger railway and intermodal transportation nodes throughout Latin America and in the Far East. He has been involved with infrastructure investment and management most of his adult life through a variety of his family’s businesses. However, despite this fortunate upbringing, he was required by his family to work his way through college. He financed his architecture degree without their assistance as a valet “car jockey” and “franalero” (curbside parking flagman) in Mexico City. From this he learned the value of providing an excellent customer service experience to transportation patrons, even where – and especially where – those patrons have limited or no other transportation options. Much of his work experience and passion has been directed at expanding passenger rail options in Latin America and the Republic of China. He has a keen interest in the future role of cars in society, intermodal transport, and alternative transportation modes. Ramón helped inspire our H2H2H Foundation logo with the idea that information, sharing and an attitude of helping others is viral. Thus, the co-opting of a negative concept of transmission of disease – H2H2H – becomes a positive aspiration. His passions include poker, world travel and cycling.


Cristóbal Chao-Qing C.

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors
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Cristóbal is a seasoned consultant in ferry transportation and Intermodal Transportation Management (IMTM). He was born, raised and schooled in the Panama Canal Zone but has lived and worked for the last twenty-five years in Shanghai, Macau and Hong Kong in the Republic of China. His work experience began as a teenager working in his family’s ferry business based in Panama. A trained engineer, his career has included development and/or executive management stints with the Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal, the Shun Tak Transport Centre and the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. Cristóbal has been intimately involved in the intermodal design of several projects, such as Sheung Wan Station in Hong Kong. He also has a seat on the Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE), jointly founded by the Ministry of Transport and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of the Republic of China. Cristóbal served in the Ministry of Transport in an interim capacity and continues to advise and consult with the agency on public transportation matters. Fluent in the Mandarin and Cantonese dialects of Chinese as well as Spanish, he helped inspire our H2H2H Foundation logo, which includes the Chinese character for “share”. Cristóbal, also known as “Jook” to his closest friends, enjoys sailing and deep sea fishing and firmly believes in a future with driverless (autonomous) cars and robotic parking.


Karin Renée Wagner, J.D.

Co-Founder and President
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Karin, or Renée as she is known to family and friends, is an expert in human resources. She began her professional career in the criminal justice field, working for a time as an undercover operative. After leaving law enforcement, she gained experience in insurance, risk management and human resources administration. Renée first became acquainted with the transportation industry while a corporate executive for a real estate firm with commercial parking and transportation (P&T) interests. More recently, she has served as a consultant and attorney for various public and private transportation entities in Latin America and Western Europe. Renée earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Criminology, certifications by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Juris Doctor (JD) in International Employment and Labor law. Renée has always had a heart for community and is continually looking for opportunities to volunteer and help those in need. She was the driving force behind the formation of the H2H2H Foundation. As President, she is known for never settling for anything less than perfection in all the organization’s outreaches. For our Foundation logo, Renée contributed her favorite hues of sea greens and blues which symbolize how a fragmented world is joined together by an endless ocean. A fitness buff and former model, she is passionate about interior design and fine wine. Renée also owns a travel agency she began 25 years ago, which focuses on romantic destinations. She enjoys world travel herself, particularly by ship, and has yachted and cruised to every continent on the globe.


Charles R. Munn III

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Charles, or Charlie as he is known to his friends and professional acquaintances, has 30 years of experience in Parking and Transportation (P&T) management and consulting as a hands-on operator, quality assurance specialist and expert witness. He began as a teenage journalist “stringer” for several newspapers, including the Washington Post. After receiving a BA in Journalism, he labored as a front-line, P&T manager. Progressing through the ranks, he became a corporate executive for two of the largest firms in the commercial P&T industry. Charlie then co-founded a consultancy that became an industry pioneer in setting quality standards and formulating operational and financial best practices. He also co-founded the nonprofit Parking Association of Georgia (U.S.), serving as its first president for ten years. Under his leadership, the association adopted the P&T industry’s first Code of Ethics and Parking Customer’s Bill of Rights. Service excellence remains a focus for him; he is a graduate of the Disney, Ritz Carlton and New York University customer service certificate programs. He holds the MBA, Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) and Certified Parking Professional (CPP) designations. Charlie is a prolific professional author, penning hundreds of articles in various trade publications, periodicals and websites. Charlie writes the content for h2h2h.org, unless otherwise bylined. He served as Editor for the National Parking Association’s first “CPP Study Guide.” He inspired our logo, combining “H2H2H” with the Chinese character for “share.” He enjoys travel and is active in his church and community.