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Take a Hike: Facility Walkthroughs Are More Than Just Good Exercise

Many managers of mobility operations find themselves lashed to their desks and staring into their electronic devices. Or, they find themselves on-the-go, meeting-to meeting, staring into their electronic devices.

What they’re not staring into, are their facilities.

While the number-crunching, alert beeps from parking and transportation management systems can provide critical customer data, they do not totally convey the patron’s experience or the physical condition of your facilities. For that reason, and for the purpose of protecting your investment, you should consider implementing a regular walkthrough program.

Walkthroughs – Not Just for Exercise

Besides boosting a manager’s health and providing a respite from the cacophony of most mobility management offices, a walkthrough program is a way to formally institute a regular survey of your facilities. Such a program should necessarily involve all levels of management, not just an individual manager responsible for that deck, toll plaza, etc..

While that individual manager should be expected to tour his/her facility informally on a daily basis, and a supervisor of that individual manager might do so on a weekly basis, a walkthrough program provides a more comprehensive checklist approach to assuring that problems are identified for correction.

A walkthrough checklist can be informal,…Continue reading

Free Form Friday: Receipt for Company Property

The “Receipt for Company Property” form is ideal for use in the orientation process for a new employee. However, it can be used at any stage of the employee lifecycle. For example, prior to a special event, items can be issued to the employee, then reclaimed when the employee checks out at the conclusion of the event. The basic concept of the form is simple: “We (the company or organization) are entrusting to your care the following items which we value and either want returned to us upon demand or accounted for by you upon request.”Continue reading

Guadalajara Adding Speed Cameras

Director of Road Safety for the Secretary of Mobility (SEMOV, in Spanish Secretaría de Movilidad), Francisco Javier Poe Morales, announced the expansion. “Our statistics show where there are higher speeds on our roadways, there are more accidents and as a result more injuries and deaths. We believe 99% of these are caused by speeding, which these new cameras aim to control.”Continue reading

Free Webinar on Parking Guidance Systems (PGS)

If your parking garage is big enough to get lost in, you may be interested in learning more about PGS at a free webinar, 11 a.m. Thursday, April 20.

This presentation focuses on the implementation of PGS at airports. Yet many of the same decision points for airports apply to other high-volume parking facilities, such as medical centers, sports arenas and shopping centers.

If you’re contemplating a PGS for your facility or you just want to know more about the concept, this seminar will help clarify the benefits and considerations involved. The event is co-sponsored by Airport Improvement Magazine and Park Assist, a PGS solutions provider.

What is a Parking Guidance System?

A PGS is designed to quickly and conveniently route a customer to the nearest available parking space. Each parking space is monitored by a sensor, which detects whether a vehicle is present or not. Sensor technologies vary and include ultrasonic detection, infrared projection, magnetic induction and camera-based video imaging.

The status of each space is then relayed to a central computer. However, the type of sensor arrayed will dictate what other data can be transmitted beyond simply whether a space is empty or available. This additional data might…Continue reading

Navigating Change in Mobility Management Technology

Since technology is based on cold, hard logic, you would think that changing from your present set of ones and zeroes to another would be a breeze. But most of us who have survived technology changes in our respective organizations might liken it to more of a hurricane.Continue reading
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