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Parking Management

Valets Gone Wild?

But unsupervised, cooped up on the Island with their co-workers and surrounded by glittering new cars, a valet worker's complacency can breed like mosquitos in a rain-filled gutter. A few – but thankfully, not many - valets soon conclude that the operation and everything in it, including the cars – exist solely for their amusement.Continue reading

Defending Your Data: Part 1

While the safety of patrons and employees during a disaster is of paramount concern, an often-overlooked consideration in such events is the protection of data, an increasingly valuable component of any transportation operation. In the next three posts here at, we take a closer look at how front line, mobility management professionals are defending their data.Continue reading

The H2H2H Foundation Advocates for Excellence in Mobility Management

Panama City, Republic of Panama, 1 January 2017 - Ramon L. Mota-Velasco P. of Mexico City, Mexico and Cristóbal Chao-Qing of Panama City, Republic of Panama and Macau, Republic of China are pleased to announce the formation of the H2H2H Foundation, a nonprofit, private foundation supporting the delivery of quality, commercial Mobility Management services by governmental entities, institutions, for-profit businesses and other interested parties.Continue reading

H2H2H Needs Sponsors, Writers, Moderators & Translators

Like any newborn, the non-profit H2H2H Foundation requires tender, loving care and help with its many needs. One of our immediate necessities is for English-to-Spanish / Spanish-to-English translators. These are volunteer positions but could evolve over time into a paid, part-time or paid, full-time “telecommuting”, work-from-home type of position.Continue reading
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