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World Parking Symposium Sets Agenda for 2018 Conference in Berlin, Germany

The World Parking Symposium (WPS) has unveiled its program for the June 24-27, 2018 conference in Berlin, Germany and the H2H2H Foundation is proud to announce its selection to present at the elite gathering.

The Symposium is unique in the parking and transportation world. Created by the Canadian Parking Association, the biennial meeting takes on common challenges faced by mobility professionals every day in every part of the globe, but applies an academic rigor in proposing and discussing innovative solutions.

The theme of this year’s Symposium is, “Mobility and Modernization: Change and Renewal in the World of the Future”. The WPS will kick off on Sunday evening June 24 with keynote speaker, Andreas Knie, a Research Fellow at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) and Professor of Sociology at the Technical University Berlin.

Sharing the spotlight with a number of international luminaries from the parking and transportation (mobility) world, the H2H2H Foundation will present the results of a research project entitled, “Planners & Politicians Pick on Parking at Their Peril”.

The Foundation’s offering reviews the general approaches national governments have taken to regulate parking and how many of those efforts have suffered unforeseen consequences. A recent wave of…Continue reading

Newly Discovered Maya Megalopolis Had Parking Woes (2018 April Fool’s Day)

(Image credit: National Geographic Magazine)

Guatemala, April 1 2018: Startling new revelations about the size and scope of the ancient Central American Mayan civilization have antiquities scholars agape. These new discoveries are now roiling the parking and transportation world as well, thanks to additional insights provided by a self-described, “parkaeologist”.

Hidden Maya Leafy Green Suburbs

According to the National Geographic magazine, “Using a revolutionary technology known as LiDAR (short for “Light Detection And Ranging”), scholars digitally removed the tree canopy from aerial images of the now-unpopulated landscape, revealing the ruins of a sprawling pre-Columbian civilization that was far more complex and interconnected than most Maya specialists had supposed.”

Academics are already debating the purpose of the many structures unveiled by the LiDAR research. The expanse of the ruins, covering hundreds of square miles, has also further fueled speculation on the centuries-old mystery of how and why the Mayan civilization collapsed.

University of Freedonia at Laputa Adjunct Professor for Mesoamerican Antiquities, Dr. Cosmo Kardashian, is not surprised by these discoveries. He claims that mainstream science knows what killed the Mayan culture, but has conspired to ignore the truth, due to entrenched special interests.

So, Dr. Kardashian, what destroyed the Maya?

“Overbuilt…Continue reading

Robotic Valet Parking: Wow! but Whoa!

R2D2 wants to park your car! Numerous transportation news outlets are trumpeting the implementation of a new robotic valet service at Paris' Charles De Gaulle airport. There is some “wow” to this story. Just Google it. Pages and pages of stories fawning over what appears to be a splashy, new advance in automated parking. But if there is some “wow” to this story, there is also some “whoa”. . .Continue reading