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Guayaquil Ecuador Hopes Urban Cable Car System Alleviates Congestion and Parking Woes

Guayaquil decided to attack the demand side of these transportation challenges by constructing an “air bridge” across the Guayas River, thus reducing, or at least delaying, the need for future highway construction. The “Aerovia” will be an urban cable car system, similar to the technology used in ski lifts, but modified to be faster and more heavy-duty. Also known as “ropeways”, these conveyances are increasingly being applied as Automated People Mover (APM) systems where logistics make traditional highway or rail applications difficult and/or expensive.Continue reading

Unlocking Hidden Value in Parking: Step 1, Negotiating Monthly Parking Allowances in Building Leases

Unfortunately, auditors of these lease-bound parking requirements report both Lessors and Lessees frequently leave a lot of loot on the table. This value can be surrendered in the negotiation, but more typically is given away long after the ink has dried on the final document.Continue reading

Machala Ecuador Privatizes New On-Street Parking Meter Operation

A total of 167 parking meters began operating recently in parts of the city of Machala Ecuador, according to a report in the Guayaquil, Ecuador daily newspaper, El Universo. This first installation is part of the proposed staged plan to fully implementing parking requirements mandated by the Municipal Public Enterprise Mobility and the Municipality of Machala via a municipal ordinance.Continue reading