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H2H2H Needs Sponsors, Writers, Moderators & Translators

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Like any newborn, the non-profit H2H2H Foundation requires tender, loving care and help with its many needs. We need volunteers of all kinds, such as writers and forum moderators. One of our immediate necessities is also for English-to-Spanish / Spanish-to-English translators. These are also volunteer positions but could evolve over time into a paid, part-time or paid, full-time “telecommuting”, work-from-home type of position.

Our mission is to improve Mobility Management processes and practices throughout North, Central and South America. We aim to function as a platform where professionals of all cultures and tongues can share their ideas and learn from other MM professionals. Although there are many languages spoken in the New World, H2 is beginning with the two most widespread: English and Spanish.

Much of our initial content was composed in English and was written with a North American audience in view. We currently utilize a software-driven translation program to convert our content from English into Spanish. While “machine” translations like this one and others better known, such as Google Translate, have come a long way, they remain a long way from perfect. Language, like learning best practices, is best presented with a human touch. We want our content to be accessible for everyone, everywhere. That’s where you come in!

So what’s involved?

On a daily basis, we will have one to four posts in our different content categories, averaging about 800 words each. We will also be creating longer form “E-Publications” each quarter or so, such as Buyer’s Guides for transportation products/services. These may average 80-100 pages each. We also periodically post White Papers that range from 2,000 to 5,000 words.

We’re not asking you to commit to translating ALL of these, just the ones you have time for and are willing to schedule with us. We anticipate we will have a number of volunteer translators until we are able to hire one or more linguists full time.

Some translators work from the original text. Some run the document through a machine translation and fix the glitches. Either way works for H2 as long as the meaning of the words is accurately conveyed.

Please remember volunteering is a great way for a new translator to gain “professional” experience that will look good to prospective employers.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity with us, please contact Marcelo Vela at In your email, or attached to the email, please provide us your curriculum vitae, resumé, or summary of qualifications.

SPONSORS: If you are thinking of becoming a sponsor of The H2H2H Foundation, underwriting this position would be a way to target your investment in promoting Mobility Management best practices. Sponsoring our translations will help ensure the broadest possible audience for our content . . . and your generosity!

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