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Sharing Excellence in Parking & Mobility Management

The H2H2H Foundation Advocates for Excellence in Mobility Management

Panama City, Republic of Panama, 1 January 2017 – Ramon L. Mota-Velasco P. of Mexico City, Mexico and Cristóbal Chao-Qing C. of Panama City, Republic of Panama and Macau, Republic of China are pleased to announce the formation of the H2H2H Foundation, a nonprofit, international foundation championing the delivery of quality, commercial Mobility Management (MM) services by governmental entities, institutions, for-profit businesses and other stakeholders.

MM is an innovative, worldwide trend in the public transportation sector that features a strategic approach to coordinating service and enhancing the customer experience. MM accomplishes this by promoting communication and collaboration between managers of different elements of the transportation infrastructure within a particular community. These elements might include, for example, public transit networks, parking facilities, tollways, car ferries and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

One goal of MM is to encourage thoughtful Transportation Demand Management strategies to better utilize existing transportation grids. Another objective is expanding the range of sustainable transportation options for consumers by leveraging the emerging “shared economy”.

Strategically located in Panama City, Republic of Panama, the Foundation will be active across Latin America. “Our primary mission is to bridge the cultural, linguistic and commercial divides of North, Central and South American MM professionals,” says Mota-Velasco, Chairman of the entity’s Board of Governors. “However, we will also perform outreach across the globe, with affiliate offices initially located in six additional countries.”

“The Foundation will advocate for transportation managers and consumers, facilitating the flow of innovation and information from the point of experience to the point of need,” Mota-Velasco adds. “We hope to enhance the professionalism of mobility managers and increase respect for MM as a profession. In addition, H2H2H aspires to inform and educate transportation planners and upper-echelon decisionmakers about best practices in MM.”

The H2H2H Foundation will provide a unique, bilingual, “PanAmerican” forum for the exchange of ideas and a platform for innovation. Via its website (, forthcoming publications, and future conferences online and in select Latin American cities, H2H2H will create a self-supporting showcase for the very best operations, solution providers and consultants in parking, TDM, intermodal transportation and ITS.

Says Vice Chairman Chao-Qing, “Our motto is ‘Sharing Excellence in Mobility Management’. We will encourage ‘Mobility Sustainability’, as we’ve tagged it, by developing the skillsets of transportation managers to meet the needs of today’s eco-conscious, mobile consumers.”