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Perspective (Waayib)

Welcome to “WAAYIB.” In the Mayan language of ancient Central America, this word means “The Dreaming Place.”

For the Maya of Central America, the time and place of sleep was revered as the refuge of the supernatural, as if one was visiting a sacred temple in search of enlightenment and reinvigoration.

In “WAAYIB,” creative inspiration could arise from within one’s self, or be a revelation from ancestors or deities. This inspiration was only possible when one put away the worries of the day and surrendered control over ones thoughts to the starry night sky.

In "WAYYIB", or "The Dreaming Place" of sleep, ancient Mayans believed revelations about the future could be experienced (Glyph is courtesy of Inga Calvin, "The Hieroglyphic Decipherment Guide," 2012.)

As Latin America is the focus of our services, we reflected upon this concept as a way to present our thoughts on ourselves and on serving the Public Customer. We should not take ourselves so seriously that we cannot enjoy what we do. Nor should we take our Public Customers so lightly that we cannot empathize with their troubles.

The Public Customer, especially in transportation settings, often has little or no choice in transportation options. In many cases, we are not competing for the business of Public Customers as if we were in a market. Rather, we are dictating to the customer how they will receive the service we are providing.

This shift of power from the customer to us should place a special burden on those of us in Mobility Management. Because when this shift occurs, the Public Customer becomes a Captive Customer.

For us, “The Dreaming Place” is a time to enjoy our profession of helping people reach their destinations in life. It is a place to be sensitive to the wants and desires of the Public Customer. It is thinking about how to free the Captive Customer.

We have the knowledge and power to improve the quality of transportation services the Public Customer receives. Let us share our knowledge with our peers and our power with our customers.

Join us here in “The Dreaming Place” for the way things could be or should be. Let us imagine . . . or re-imagine transportation service.

Parking Bulks Up, Adds MaaS: SpotHero and Moovit Announce Partnership

Those awaiting the imminent death of parking might want to keep the champagne corked a bit longer.

Reading breathless media accounts, you might be tempted to throw on a black veil, light some candles and make sure the funeral director is on the speed dial. Swarmed by biting Ubers, overdosing on parking taxes, strangled by congestion pricing and, of course, trampled by the oncoming hordes of autonomous vehicles, the parking industry is surely doomed to death by a thousand cuts.

But sometimes “getting cut” is a good thing, no?

Parking may indeed be disappearing, but it is not dying. Rather, parking is becoming a transparent component of a seamless journey to and from the mobility consumer’s destination of choice.

Like a bodybuilder, parking is shedding some fat and adding some muscle, in this case MaaS – “Mobility-as-a-Service”.

Parking professionals are realizing that while managing parking is sometimes akin to being marooned on a desert island, building bridges can end the isolation.

MaaS is just such a bridge, continuing what we have termed in the past, the “vertical integration of the parking experience”. But perhaps we should now coin a new term, the “vertical integration of the mobility experience”.

Even as we remain concerned about the customer parking experience within our facilities, we should become more aware of the total mobility experience before customers arrive and after they leave.

While we rarely comment on commercial transactions in the parking industry, we do wish to draw attention to an important milepost in the evolution of parking from mobility miscreant to transportation teammate.

The strategic teaming of parking reservation booker SpotHero and journey planner Moovit will geometrically scale the ability of both entities to serve transportation consumers. Eliminating parking as a mobility pain point will provide more choice to consumers and better husband resources for parking professionals.

More about this news, here.

Yes, ride hailers, governmental regulations and AVs will change the nature of the parking industry. Those who don’t get toned up will get tuned out. In fact, these developments are not pain, but gain.

Watch for our upcoming article in October’s issue of PARKING magazine where we will feature other developments in parking and MaaS.

The H2H2H Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to “sharing excellence in parking and mobility management”, which includes promoting best practices in the administration of sustainable parking and transportation facilities. We also advocate for transportation consumers and advance alternative mobility options, such as car sharing, bicycling, carpools and many others. You can learn more about our efforts and ways you can advance the cause of “mobility sustainability” at

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