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EPub: Car Sharing in Australia


Mobility Managers around the world considering implementing or expanding a car sharing program might be interested in the experience of progressive communities in Australia. The International Car Sharing Association studied the impact of programs on urban areas in the Land Down Under and share some interesting results, statistics and trends that argue strongly for the expansion of car sharing programs. This EPub is *FREE* for registered users of this website.


This review was commissioned by the International Carsharing Association to understand the impact of fixed base car share services in Australia after a dozen years of operation. The review aims to improve the partnership between local governments and car share service providers in Australia and around the world and, by doing so, ensure that the community – including those who do not use the service – receive in full the benefits of the service. The report:

Considers the Australian car share service which supports 66,000 users accessing 2,200 vehicles

Draws on experience from Melbourne and Sydney where 90% of the members and vehicles are based

Focuses in particular on the City of Sydney, which has the largest network in Australia with 20,000 users (equivalent to 20% of the resident population of the municipality) using 805 vehicles (162 in off street locations).

Considers the service from the point of view of local governments who are responsible to the community for the scale of the service in their municipality