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Sharing Excellence in Parking & Mobility Management

Hypersonic Society Sponsorship Level

$1,200.00 for 1 year



  • All the benefits of being “Supersonic”, PLUS…
  • Create Your White Paper: We will, in tandem with your marketing or PR department, produce one, in-depth “H2 News Release” per calendar year that focuses on your firm and its recent activities, such as a new product rollout, recent project, or upcoming initiative This White Paper will be posted on our website and will be otherwise available for your distribution, via reprint or Internet website link, to your employees, clients and media contacts.
  • Share Our Spotlight With You: It is our intention in the future to conduct meetings and conferences as a way for working professionals to share practical, “How-To” tips. Your firm will be prominently displayed and acknowledged as “Champion” of H2’s mission.

Investment: $1,200 annually.