About the H2H2H Foundation

The H2H2H Foundation is a nonprofit, private foundation promoting the delivery of quality Mobility Management services by governmental entities, institutions, for-profit businesses and other community stakeholders. We aim to improve transportation options for consumers; strive to create mutual respect between transportation users and providers; and, advocate and promote best practices in transportation management.

H2H2H Seeks to Improve Transportation Options for Consumers

Our vision for our role in Mobility Management is to reach out to those enterprises that form the very backbone of our public transportation infrastructure and community experience. The organizations we aspire to influence usually charge patrons a stand-alone, ticketed fee for a delivered transportation service.

These organizations often have limited, or no, competition. Often, these services are not directly connected to other components of the transportation grid klicken sie hier, um mehr zu lesen. We want to change that. We want to advocate for new and improved transportation options where it is permissible and possible.

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Examples of these entities include:

  • Public transit (bus, rail, etc.)
  • Commercial on- and off-street parking
  • Alternative transportation (intermodal, car/van pooling, car share, bike share, park and ride, etc.)
  • Tollways
  • Passenger/Car ferries

In many places throughout the world, effective transportation services do not exist or are underfunded. In these cases, H2H2H will advocate for their creation or expansion. We want everyone, everywhere, to have multiple transportation options to reach any destination. We do not believe that the Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV), public transit, or any other mode of transportation is the sole solution to our mobility woes. All have their place and none are inherently good or evil.

We believe the various mobility modes should maintain a healthy competition for the hearts and minds of travelers. Friendly competition – and cooperation – between the modes will help make the transportation grid more efficient and will improve the level of transportation service delivered to the customer.

Transportation consumers want real mobility choices. (Image courtesy https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AIsrael_Batch_3_(453).JPG)

H2H2H Works for Mutual Respect Between Transportation Users and Providers

Many transportation services are monopolies. End users of these services often have no realistic alternatives. We call these end users, “Captive Customers” due to this lack of choice. In some localities, transportation competition is limited by law and only one designated public or private service provider is allowed. In other places, competition is limited by time, distance or site access. For example, there might be only one parking facility adjacent to a public building, or, there might be only one bus line between two geographic points. In such cases, Captive Customers have few other options. Sadly, this situation breeds resentment and disrespect. H2 works to “free the Captives” by bringing providers and end users together as partners in Mobility Management.

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Monopolies in any industry often have no incentive to innovate or mandate to deliver quality and value to their patrons. Without competition, many such public-facing enterprises are mediocre at best. But it’s been our experience that it’s not that the people in these organizations do not care. It’s that they simply need to know “How-2” improve. But knowledge means change and in some organizations change is often seen as an enemy. It’s mediocrity that’s the real enemy.

Compounding the challenge, these enterprises face customers often resentful of the cost, availability, and lack of alternative choices of service. The consumer arrives angry, expecting frustration. Inevitably, the organization suffers a “service fail” and that frustration descends into a general lack of respect for all public transportation service practitioners. Where low expectations and compromised service delivery systems collide, the status quo calcifies into bureaucracy, mutual resentment and abuse.

Transportation consumers and providers should offer mutual respect. (Photo courtesy of Commander, 7th Fleet, U.S. Navy via Pixabay.)

H2H2H Advocates Best Practices in Transportation Management

H2H2H highlights the very best in transportation best practices, operations and solutions. (Photo via Pixabay.)

Bridging the cultural, linguistic and commercial divides of developed and developing nations, H2H2H advocates for customers as it facilitates the flow of expertise and information from the point of experience to the point of need.

In particular, we take upon ourselves the objective of sharing the “H2” (how-to) lessons and experiences in each of these public service markets with their brothers and sisters elsewhere.

The H2H2H Foundation will open a window where experiments in service can be seen from a far-off shore. With English and Spanish as the predominant languages in the New World, the Foundation will provide a bilingual, “PanAmerican” forum for the exchange of ideas and a platform for innovation.

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But we hope our reach will not stop there. Across the globe, there are millions of other professionals who also utilize these languages as either a first or second tongue.

Via our website, publications and conferences, H2H2H will showcase the very best in public and private transportation service operations, solution providers and consultants. The Foundation seeks to enhance and improve the perception and professionalism of public service, increasing respect for service practitioners while informing and educating upper echelon decision makers on best practices.

The H2 Vision

Everyone should enjoy high-quality, sustainable choices in personal transportation.

Every mission starts with a vision. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay.)

The H2 Mission

The H2H2H Foundation will advocate for transportation consumers and providers while promoting excellence in the
delivery of sustainable, mobility management services.

With a special focus on developing nations in the New World (North, South and Central America), we will create and foster a self-sustaining, bilingual (Spanish and English) marketplace of ideas, products and services that will marry expertise with need while promoting professionalism, continuing education and a customer-centric perspective.

The H2 Name, Inspiration and Motto

“H2H” is a relatively new buzzword. It’s often to summarize the transference of a complex thought or feeling from one to another, as in “Head-to-Head” or even “Heart-to-Heart.” In the former meaning, it also takes on a competitive meaning, as in sports or other qualitative or quantitative matchup. In the latter meaning, it represents our desire to share what we have and what we know with others who do not have and do not know. We embrace these memes as we seek to improve service competitiveness, remembering the customers – the people – we profess to serve have thoughts and feelings just as we do.

H2H2H Means "How-To"


Emphasizing the practical nature of our mission, “H2” for us also means “How-To.” It is not enough to give a vague directive, such as, “satisfy your customer.” H2H2H seeks to help define what specific polices, procedures and actions actually do satisfy a customer before, during and after a service touchpoint. Beyond that, we then work to assemble the step-by-step, best practices involved in assuring that satisfaction. For example, we might detail the appropriate actions required of an associate to accommodate a patron with a wheelchair on board a shuttle van.

H2H2H Promotes Sharing Knowledge

“H2H2H” is a term often used by epidemiologists to describe the movement of pathogens from human to human to human. Although this term has a somewhat negative connotation, we have appropriated it in a positive sense to explain our core concept that “Sharing is viral – pass it on!”

Just as pathogens can be passed among us, so can information, support and caring.


H2H2H Brings Together Best Practices and Best Practitioners

The “H” is also for “Humans.” At the H2H2H Foundation, Humans who are passionate about their professions will freely share their expertise to help other Humans who are just as passionate about growing in their vocation. The Foundation provides the forum for this exchange of value to take place. Our description of this transaction is: “From the experts to you, we’re just the humans in the middle helping to make it happen.”

Our simple prescription for the delivery of public transportation services is:  “Sharing Excellence in Mobility Management.” This motto undergirds all of our work. It communicates the necessity of progress and the inevitability of change, while urging solutions that are based on universally appropriate and sustainable service values.

Sharing is viral - pass it on! (Photo courtesy of Pixabay.)