H2 Values and Ethics

Our Core Values

Our motto communicates the need for problem solving and organizational movement. However, solutions and progress must be balanced with what we believe are the “Seven Core Values in Public Service Delivery.” These include:

Our goal is to promote public transportation services delivered with these values, so often lacking in the marketplace today.

We firmly believe that fully implementing these values within an organization’s operating culture will this result in improved service delivery for the patron and ultimately, an improved bottom line for the organization as well.

A transportation organization that aspires to these values can truly achieve “Mobility Sustainability.”

A core value in serving citizen customers is equity: Fairness and justice in the way people are treated. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay.)

Our Ethics

The Foundation endeavors to live by the values we recommend to others. We aim to maintain the highest ethical standards commensurate with our mission. To that end, H2H2H subscribes to the best practices for charitable entities.

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These include:

  • All compensated employees and volunteers must adhere to the organization’s Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • All compensated employees are prohibited from participating in transactions that violate either the Code of Ethics or Conflict of Interest policies.
  • A Whistleblower Hotline is available to all compensated employees.
  • Our Foundation Council members are independent and non-compensated, except for employees required to participate on the Council as part of their regular employment duties.
  • Fail-safe measures are maintained to prevent material diversions of assets and, in the event one occurs, remediative and corrective actions are immediately implemented.
  • An objective and independent review process of the compensation for each Foundation officer or manager is conducted, which includes benchmarking against comparable organizations.
  • Minutes and records are maintained of all Foundation Council actions.
  • A Records and Retention Policy is in effect to preserve all material documentation of the Foundation’s actions; and,
  • A policy is in effect stating the privacy of sponsors, advertisers and members is a priority and that the names or personal information will not be shared or sold, nor will H2H2H send such individuals mailings on behalf of other organizations, unless the individual has given the Foundation specific permission to do so.

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive or all-inclusive, but simply demonstrative of the Foundation’s desire to follow the values and ethics it recommends to others.